Professional Development

Prager University

I began to watch videos on Prager University. These videos are primarily conservative, non-progressive, opinions, but even though I don't agree with all of them, I find them very interesting.

I watch the videos and then I take a test on them to earn a badge! Here are the videos I have watched:

Apple Teacher

On February 10, 2017 I was recognized by the Apple Education Team as an "Apple Teacher"

Earned Badges for iPad

  • iPad
  • Pages for iPad
  • Keynote for iPad
  • Numbers of iPad
  • iMovie for iPad
  • Garageband for iPad
  • Productivity with iPad
  • Creativity with iPad

Earned Badges for Mac

  • Mac
  • Pages for Mac
  • Keynote for Mac
  • Numbers for Mac
  • iMovie for Mac
  • Garageband for Mac
  • Productivity with Mac
  • Creativity with Mac
Mark Kavanaugh 2017