College Service

Documentation of material related to Faculty service to the College and College-related initiatives.

Pursuant to NEASC standards, this section of the Portfolio will contain material to document:

  1. A copy of the official Faculty or Adjunct Faculty Job description in order to provide a clear definition of Part-time, Full-time, and Adjunct positions (5.1)
  2. Preparation and qualifications appropriate for their field and assignments (5.2)
  3. Contribute to program and institutional assessment (5.7)
  4. Continued professional growth (5.7)

Ever since I started working at KVCC, in 1997, I've always thought that this was a special institution. It was small enough to feel comfortable, but big enough to make a difference. - Dr. Mark K.


Fall 2021

Instructional Designer Search Committee

I participated in the committee to hiare an Instructional Designer.

Summer 2019

Director of Student Life Search Committee

I participated in the committee to hire a new Director of Student Life.

Summer 2018

Chair of Mental Health Program Search Committee

I chaired the search committee for the new Chair of Mental Health.

Spring 2016

Presentation on ELO (Essential Learning Outcomes) Mapping and Assignment Development

I provided this training to other Faculty and Staff during our Spring Staff Development Day.

Summer 2015

Medical Assisting Program Coordinator Search Committee

I served on the search committee to find a Program Coordinator for the Medical Assistant program under TAACCCT IV.

Spring 2015

TAACCCT IV Grant Manager Search Committee

I served on the search committee to find a Grant Managerfor the TAACCCT IV Grant.

Tree Campus USA Committee

Working closely with a team of staff, students and outside consultants, we are developing a plan to establish KVCC as a“Tree Campus USA” campus…both the Fairfield and Alfond Campuses. My contribution focuses on the connection between the Tree Campus plan and academics and the involvement of the Center for Civic Engagement.

Music at Moody

I am leading an initiative to establish a concert series to be held year round at Moody Chapel on the Alfond Campus.

Fall 2014

Acting Academic Dean

I served as Acting Academic Dean of the Alfond Campus from Dec. 8 - 11 while the Executive Team was attending the NEASC Annual Meeting in Boston MA.

TAACCCT Grant Committee

I am currently serving as a principle manager of the Mental Health component of a $2.5 million dollar grant. The grant is funding initiatives within the Associates of Applied Science in Mental Health including:

  • Recruitment and hire of a Program Coordinator
  • Refinement of existing MHT online courses
  • Creation of“Stackable Certificates” and internships
  • Development of“Program on an iPad” initiative to deliver the entire Mental Health Program on an iPad

“Standardization" of Blackboard Initiative

Under the direction of the Academic Dean, the Faculty Senate, and the Instructional Technology Committee I am coordinating an initiative to examine the current implementation of Blackboard across the campus community. I am also developing supports and guidelines to enable individual departments/programs to establish a standard“look and feel” for their individual program courses.

Essential Learning Outcomes

Under the direction of the Academic Dean, the Faculty Senate, and the Institutional Assessment Committee I am coordinating an initiative to map the assesessment of Essential Learning Outcomes across all programs at KVCC.

Dean of Technology Search Committee

I served on the search committee to find our new Dean of Technology.

Staff Development and Adjunct Orientation

I am preparing to deliver two presentation:

  • Presentation 1: Teaching Essential Learning Outcomes Across the Curriculum
    • This presentation will focus on the current Institutional Assessment Committee initiative to identify, develop, create, gather, and assess essential learning outcomes across all curriculums. How this program has been established in the Associates of Science in Mental Health will be covered with opportunity for questions and brainstorming on strategies for other programs. It is recommended that Program Coordinators attend this session.
  • Presentation 2: “I can’t find anything!” Student Perspectives on Blackboard
    • This session will review the recent findings related to student perspectives on the inconsistent use of Bb across the campus community. Logical organization of material is critical, particularly in online learning. The question before us is how do we standardize the look and feel of courses in Bb without sacrificing the unique teaching style of each instructor? Participants should bring a curriculum outline from one of their courses to this session. We will share how each of us can best organize information in Bb for our students. The session is also an introduction to the process by which a standard “template” may be developed. The Instructional Technology committee is going to need volunteers to work on this initiative.

Summer 2014

Essential Learning Outcomes Project

I have been assigned the lead to develop a program for the institution wide evaluation of essential learning outcomes across all curriculums. This is a project currently supported by the Institutional Assesment Committee

Blackboard Support and Standardization

I have been assigned the role of providing technical and instructional support for all faculty at KVCC who utilize Blackboard technologies. Inaddition, in the role of Chair of the Instructional Technology Committee, I have been asked to explore a degree of standardization of Blackboard applications across all programs.

Blackboard Orientation for Non-declared Students

Provided 15 minute introduction to Bb for non-declared students.

Spring 2014

Staff Development Day - Kennebec Valley Community College

Delivered two presentations to faculty at the college:

  • Basics of Blackboard (including a presentation on a survey I conducted on students’perspectives on Blackboard)
  • iPad Applications in the Classroom - Co-presented with Stephen LaRochelle (Library Director) focusing on the use of iPads in the classroom. Examples from my Spring 2014 MHT 220: Case Management class were discussed and presented.

Institution-wide Orientation to Blackboard Learn

Ongoing development of a web-based tutorial for Blackboard Learn within the Faculty Orientation course website. In addition, developed and delivered face-to-face "Blackboard Basics" training to faculty.

This particular information is integrated into the Online Faculty Orientation Course in Bb, but the units of instruction can be viewed by clickingHERE.

Maintenance of the Online Faculty Orientation Website

I developed and maintain an "informal" website that serves as a set of resources for all new faculty.

ClickHEREto view the Online Faculty Orientation components

Fall 2013

Development and implementation of a "Certified Online Instructor" program

Ongoing development of an online training course oriented toward "certifying" KVCC Faculty to teach online. Subject matter includes material related to Blackboard Learn tools, online pedagogical practices, and time/task management for effective online teaching.

Course Lesson Plans can be viewed by clickingHERE.

This project has been put on hold.

Summer 2013

Proposed alternative to "Late Start" courses: "Late Enroll"

This proposal focused on developing the capacity for students to enroll in classes that have already started with remediation to help them “catch up”.

Search Committee for the Director of the "Learning Commons"

Participated in the selection and hire of the Director for the Learning Commons.

Blackboard Orientation for Non-declared Students

Provided 45 minute introduction to Bb for non-declared students on May 22nd and May 23rd of 2013.

Campus "Shuttle" Service Survey

Worked with a student by the name of D. Ratliff to develop and administer a survey regarding the development and utilization of a "Shuttle" service that would provide transportation between the Fairfield and Alfond campuses of KVCC.

Summer 2012

Search Committee-Mental Health Faculty / Program Coordinator

Chaired the search committee to find a new Mental Health Faculty / Program Coordinator

Summer 2011

Search Committee-Education Program Director

Served on the search committee to find a new Director for the KVCC Education programs.


President, Faculty Senate

For several formative years of the Faculty Senate at KVCC I served as President. Accomplishments while President include:

  • Development of new "sliding scale" for overload reimbursement for both adjunct and full time faculty
  • Development of Faculty/Adjunct Job Description and Evaluation Procedure
  • Initiated get-tegethers to explore exchange of ideas and best-practice among faculty

Search Committee-Dean of Instructional Technology

Served on the search committee to hire the Dean of Instructional Technology

Search Committee-Communication Instructor

Served on the search committee to hire a Communication Instructor

Search Committee-Mental Health Instructor

Served on the search committee to hire a Mental Health Instructor

Lunder Library Building Committee

Served on the committe that oversaw the constuction of the KVCC Lunder Library building.

Mark Kavanaugh 2017