College Activities

Documentation of materials related to Faculty participation in College activities.

KVCC is a "Community College"...the term "community" does not come abuot simply by grouping people into the same time and place, it is an effortful process of engaging everyone you meet every day. As a Faculty I take the building of community both within and outside my classroom very seriously. Students who are engaged on the campus will be more engaged in the classroom...students who see ME engaged, can follow. - Dr. Mark K.


Fall 2016

Music at Moody

Reintroduced the Music at Moody Concert series at KVCC.

Spring 2016

Keynote Presentation on Leadership

I presented a keynote on Leadership for the induction ceremony of KVCC's Sigma Alpha Pi organization

Reading of Names

Along with Juliette Guilmette, I read out the names of graduates at this year's graduation ceremony.

Spring 2013

Key Note Presentation at the Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony

Phi Theta Kappais the nationally affiliated Honor Society at KVCC. I was nominated and elected to present the key note for the induction ceremony.

The title of my presentation was "Now that you have succeeded, it is time to fail!". The presentation focused on the need to fail in order to more fully understand where growth can occur. I discussed the Zone of Proximal Development and its application to establishing goals for personal, professional, and academic growth.

Mark Kavanaugh 2017